Learning with the Jax Dev Community

JavaScript UI frameworks have been on fire lately. It’s been very hard to keep up, so I am turning to my local dev community to help keep me in the loop.

Last week I went to a MeetUp presented by JaxNode on Using React with Angular.js given by Michael Snead. This was an awesome talk on how to use React as the view engine in projects that already use some MV* framework. Nice when you want to take advantage of React, but are heavily invested in another framework. You can view the slide deck here, http://slides.com/michaelsnead/react-and-angular2/.

This week I went to a MeetUp presented by the Jacksonville Software Architects Group. The topic was Single Page Applications using Aurelia and TypeScript. It was given by Sujesh Arukil. The talk was a great introduction to the new Aurelia JavaScript client framework. Actually, Sujesh has an excellent blog post with a step-by-step on how to get up and running with Aurelia (actually his first post, congrats!).



If you are a professional developer, you should come out of the dungeon, have a slice of pizza and learn and share something new with some awesome local developers.


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