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Production Updates with a Big Red Button

Imagine if you would, a modified game of Jeopardy hosted by Alex Trebec of course. This game is all about getting changes to production and a smart Dev is in the hot seat.

Dev: Can I have Daily Production Pushes for $200?

Alex: You just deployed a new code change to production, it is causing major issues with performance and you need to roll it back. How do you roll back the troublesome change without having to roll back the entire release? (Jeopardy theme music playing)…

Dev: What is a Feature Toggle.

Alex: Correct.

Dev: Can I have Daily Production Pushes for $500?

Alex: You just started work on a new feature that is no where near ready and you check in your changes to source control. The powers that be want to push to production the branch you’ve checked in the new feature… and they want to do it NOW! How do you push the branch and not expose the unfinished feature changes without having to revert the feature and other work mixed in between your feature changes?

Dev: What is a Feature Flag.

Alex: Correct.

Dev: Can I have Daily Production Pushes for $1,000?

Alex: Daily Double

Alex: Marketing wants to be able to turn a feature on and off for customers depending on their transaction volume. How do you accomplish it?

Dev: What is a Ticket Flag.

Alex: Correct.

Alex: You are our Production Jeopardy Champion?

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