My New Book: “Hello React and TypeScript”

So, I have been doing a deep dive into React and TypeScript and found it a little difficult to find resources to help me. I could find plenty of great resources on React and TypeScript separately. Just exploring the documentation and many blogs and videos for the two is great. Yet, resources that explore writing React applications with TypeScript was either old, incomplete, or just didn’t work for me for one reason or another. I have to admit that I haven’t done a deep search in a while so that may have changed.

After some frustration and keyboard pounding, I decided to just consume as much as I can about both individually and just get a Hello World example working. With the basics done I went slowly all the way to a full blown application. Since I was keeping notes on that journey, why not share them?

I was going to share them in a few blog posts, but I have been trying to do a book on GitBook for a while and this topic seemed like a good fit. Also, I enjoy digging into React and TypeScript so this book is probably something I can commit to, not like my other sorry book attempts.

My little guide book isn’t complete and still very rough. It may not be completed any time soon with the rapid pace of change for JavaScript, TypeScript and React. Also, I am thinking about moving from Gulp/Browserify to WebPack. I have only completed a fraction of the samples I want to do… so much still to do. Even though I don’t think it is ready for prime time, it is a public open source book so why not share it, get feedback, and iterate.

You can get the free book from GitBook

The source code for the samples in the book are on GitHub

If you don’t like the book let me know. If you find something wrong, bad practice or advice, incoherent explanations… whatever, let me know. If you like it let me know too, I can always use an ego boost :). Now I just have to convince myself to do some videos and talks… public speaking, bah :{


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