GoCD: 404 Error Fetching Artifact [SOLVED]


[go] Could not fetch artifact Pausing 19 seconds to retry. Error was : Unsuccessful response '404' from the server

This error stumped me for a while. The reason it stumped me is because of the IP addrdess and port, my Go Server is not located there. The Go Agent is not on the same server as the Go Server, so it shouldn’t be using a local IP. The agent configuration is properly pointed to the Go Server’s IP and port. I assumed that the 404 was because of the incorrect IP and port and I did a lot of research and digging trying to correct it.


I finally figured out that this error is simply stating that the file was not found.


I am not sure why the wrong IP and port is reported, but when the file in the error was added to the artifacts on the server, the error went away.

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