North Florida Coder Events

I don’t get to get out into the local coder community like I would like to, but I would like to share a couple events held in my local area, Jacksonville, FL, that may be interesting to people outside of North Florida. Code on the Beach, a great conference (unfortunately this year’s conference was already held), and Jax Code Impact which seems to be a repackaging of Code Camp.

Code on the Beach

Today Code on the Beach 2014 was put to rest. This was the second iteration of this conference and I was fortunate that I got to attend again this year. It was an awesome conference with wonderful speakers, good mix of topics, and interesting and super smart attendees.

“Code on the Beach is an intensive, fun, and engaging software engineering conference.” It is held in the summer at Atlantic Beach, Florida in a beautiful luxury hotel on the beach, One Ocean Resort & Spa. Both years featured some great speakers like John Papa, Greg Young, Charles Petzold, and Scott Hanselman. The cost is extremely affordable for the world class content and speakers offered.

I would highly recommend that you put it on your calendar. You can learn more about it and get on the mailing list at

Jax Code Impact

Coming up on September 13, 2014 is Code Impact, “Jax Code Impact 2014 is a community event where developers learn from fellow developers, focused on Microsoft.NET Technologies and integrated technologies within Microsoft’s Azure.”

From what I understand this is like a code camp and an opportunity for the development community to get together and share knowledge and experience. Same as code camp, it will be developers presenting to developers, some for the first time, but all with something to offer to attendees.

Registration is now open and I wasn’t asked for a credit card so I am assuming it is free, like code camp.


I am not affiliated with any of these events nor was I paid to post this. I’m just a satisfied attendee and someone who wants to support local development community events.


My teammates enjoying some drinks at Lemon Bar on the
beach during lunch break at Code on the Beach 2014.


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