GoCD: Integrating Bug Tracking

Go.cd allows you to integrate with your tracking tools. You can define how to handle ticket numbers in your source control commit messages. Go.cd parses the message looking for a specific pattern and transforms matches into links to your tracking tool.

We use AxSoft OnTime and integration wasn’t as straight forward as I envisioned. OnTime uses two query strings to identify the ticket number and the type of ticket (defect, feature, incident…).

View Defect: https://name.ontimenow.com/viewitem.aspx?id=102578&type=defects

Create Defect: https://name.ontimenow.com/edititem.aspx?type=defects

From what I can tell Go.cd only allows use of one parameter and no facility to expand the regex and parameter to work with the various patterns for the type of ticket. Example: we may have a defect ticket OTD 102578 and a feature OTF 87984. When commits are related to either one of these tickets, the ticket number, including the prefix, is added to the commit message. To turn this into a link in Go.cd, we have to parse the OT* and correlate that to defect or feature, depending on the value of *, and add that to the type query string parameter. Next we have to grab the numbers after the space after the ticket type prefix and add that to the id query string parameter.

I am not really sure how to get this to work, aside from messing around with the source code. Did I say source code? Solved! Well maybe…tune in.

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