Setup a NuGet Server

Setting up a NuGet Server is so easy that everyone should do it. Why? If you are beholden to corporate policies that restrict the applications and references your projects can have, you can still benefit from the awesomeness of NuGet by hosting corporate approved packages. If you have a critical build process, you may not want to depend on the reliability of third party servers. Oh, I can keep going, but I won’t. The point is with 5 easy steps (depending on how you may break it down), you can have a NuGet server up and serving packages.

  1. Create an Empty Web Application (I’m using Visual Studio)
  2. Use NuGet to add reference in the Web Application to “NuGet.Server”
  3. Add the nupkg files that you want to host to the Packages folder
  4. Deploy the Web Application
  5. Add the URL of the Web Application to your local NuGet package manager.

Thanks to and Adam James Naylor for opening my eyes to how simple this is:

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