Multiple PostBacks in ASP.NET WebForms

Here are some, not all, reasons why there would be multiple PostBacks on a page:

  • Handling an event multiple times
    • AutoEventWireup = true in Page declaration and manual wire up event in Page Init. Check your codebehind for the old ASP.Net 1 style of registering events in system generate code.
    • Having control’s AutoPostBack = true while also doing an explicit PostBack in another control event.
  • Custom event JavaScript that doesn’t cancel the click event allowing a double post.

Debugging tips:

  • Do an HTTP trace to view the double PostBack requests.
  • Debug and add watch for Request.Form[“__EVENTTARGET”] to find control initiating PostBack.
  • HTML Validate your page, PostBack could be caused by bad markup

Lastly, this is a little hack that may help turn off double PostBacks temporarily.

     <form id=”Form1″ runat=”server” onsubmit=”Q++; if(Q==1){return true;} else { return false;}”>

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